Brewday on Moondogs 50L pilot system

Brewday at Moondog


For our win at the SMASH competition, in Good Beer Week 2016. Westgate brewers were invited to a Brewday at Moondog using their 50L Pilot system. Since unusual beers are considered a staple at Moondog and they are pro’s at making them work, it was decided that we would brew a Beetroot Porter.

The recipe was provided to Adrian at Moondog (Blue Moondog shirt) by Fergs. Since there weren’t any instructions about the beetroot, Adrian prepared it three ways.

A pulp that was made from the roasted beetroot that went into the mash, beetroot chunks went in to the boil and he boiled some beetroot juice with some sugar and that was put into the fermenter before the wort was added.

After cooling and pitching, the fermenter went in to the cool room at 10C. When the fermentation is finished Adrian will put the whole batch in to a 50l keg for us and hopefully we will be able to serve it for Christmas party happening on 3rd December.

Beetroot Baltic Porter Recipe
Pils – 25%
Munich – 60%
crystal – 5%
special B – 5%
carafa 2 – 3%
Chocolate – 2%
Saaz 35ibu @ 60 mins
saaz 3ibu @ 15 mins
s23 yeast
+ Beetroot
Photos by Clare Sheppard, Nixz Kerr and John Largue
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