Stout Extravaganza

Westgate Brewers 2019 Stout Extravaganza

Stout Extravaganza 2019

Sunday 7 July

The Local Hotel
22-24 Bay Street, Port Melbourne

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Stout Extravaganza 2019: Specialty Category

Many discussions have been had over the years about having a specialty stout category at Stout Extravaganza. Every year we get asked “why don’t you do a specialty category?”. Last year we tried it and this year we’re doing it again.

Not only are we having a specialty stout category, we are accepting specialty porter and specialty strong stout too.

We would like brewers entering the specialty category to give us as much information as possible about their beer. To help the judges we will need the following information:

  • Base beer style – Porter / Stout / Strong Stout.
  • Which AABC category does the beer fit in to.
  • A description that explains what the beer is and why it fits the category.

Each brewer may enter a maximum of two beers in this category as long as they are different styles.

There is a real buzz of excitement about this within the club and hopefully everyone that comes to help on the day will get to taste some very interesting beers.

We anticipate that in future years this category will evolve.

Westgate Brewers Stout Extravaganza Club of Show Trophy

2018 Winner: Merri Mashers

2017 Winner: Westgate Brewers

2016 Winner: Westgate Brewers

2015 Winner: Northside Brewers

Club of Show Trophy

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2011 Results 12:58 pm 09/01/201567.1k

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2019 Results 10:19 pm 07/11/201974.6k

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