Stout Extravaganza

Stout Extravaganza 2024

Entries close noon Saturday 6th July

Judging from 1pm Sunday 21st July

Footscray Canoe Club
40 Farnsworth Ave (cnr Maribyrnong Blvd), Footscray

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This year we are limiting entries to two per category, one per sub-category in the following 4 categories:

8.1. English Porter [BJCP 13C]
8.2. American Porter [BJCP 20A]
8.3. Baltic Porter [BJCP 9C]

9.1. Sweet Stout [BJCP 16A]
9.2. Irish Stout [BJCP 15B]
9.3. Oatmeal Stout [BJCP 16B]
9.4. Irish Extra Stout [BJCP 15C]

Strong Stout
10.1. Tropical Stout [BJCP 16C]
10.2. Foreign Extra Stout [BJCP 16D]
10.3. American Stout [BJCP 20B]
10.4. Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]

Specialty (Custom Style)
21.1 Specialty Porter
21.2 Specialty Stout
21.3 Specialty Strong Stout

Beers in this category may use ingredients or processes that would be out of style in any other category. To assist judging of the specialty category entrants should also specify which AABC style their beer fits in to from the list below:

17.1 Fruit Beer
17.2 Spice, Herb or vegetable Beer
18.2 Classic Style Smoked Beer
18.3 Specialty Smoked Beer
18.4 Wood Aged Beer
18.5 Specialty Wood Aged Beer
18.6 Belgian Specialty Ale
18.9 Experimental Beer

All entries must have a description of what special ingredients or processes have been used.

We would like brewers entering the specialty category to give us as much information as possible about their beer. To help the judges we will need the following information:

      • Base beer style – Porter / Stout / Strong Stout
      • Any special ingredients or processes that have been used
      • Which AABC category does the beer fit into and why

Westgate Brewers Stout Extravaganza Club of Show Trophy

2022 Winner: Merri Mashers

2021 Winner: Merri Mashers

2019 Winner: Merri Mashers

2018 Winner: Merri Mashers

2017 Winner: Westgate Brewers

2016 Winner: Westgate Brewers

2015 Winner: Northside Brewers

Club of Show Trophy

Previous Results

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2011 Results 12:58 pm 09/01/201567.1k

2012 Results 12:58 pm 09/01/201562.5k

2013 Results 12:58 pm 09/01/201576.3k

2014 Results 12:58 pm 09/01/2015137.4k

2015 Results 12:58 pm 09/01/2015438.9k

2016 Results 6:34 pm 07/15/201729.5k

2017 Results 6:35 pm 07/15/201728k

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2019 Results 10:19 pm 07/11/201974.6k

2021 Results 9:52 pm 07/16/202174.5k

2022 Results 11:24 am 07/04/2023157.6k

2023 Results 10:41 am 07/09/202369.1k

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